Amber Mark

Amber Mark is a 22 year old who has inhaled more culture in her short life than most can say in a lifetime. Being the daughter of a German born, Buddhist artist Amber traveled all over the world breathing in music every step of the way. She found herself at home in India, Thailand, Nepal, Miami, New York, and Berlin.. India is the place where she fully fell in love with music from their instruments to chanting and throat singing. It is hard to put genre perimeters on the music that she is currently making but Amber has coined her style of music “Tribal Soul.” After her mother passed in June of 2013 Amber turned to her music as her outlet for expression and strength. Amber Mark’s upcoming EP “3:33AM” due out in October is an ode to her mother and the grieving process she experienced to overcome the loss of her best friend, mother and forever companion.