The best things that happen in life are usually by mistake. And courtship. began just like that: Micah Gordon, 24 and Eli Hirsch, 22 met playing as backup musicians in an LA band. Micah joined when the keyboard player quit. He almost didn’t come to first rehearsal (classic Micah) but mustered up the strength. After eyeing each other down for a couple of months, Micah invited Eli to jam at his house. On day one, the boys wrote their first song together called ‘Stop For Nothing’. Surprised, they realized they had something, but neither were really singers. So they called their friend to come sing on the song, but on the day-of, he canceled - promoting Micah to lay down a demo vocal just as a reference. But once again, a beautiful accident occurred, and Eli was like “Micah, you can sing!” There’s something you should know: courtship. Definitely does NOT make sense on paper. Although they are both Jewish kids from the west coast, Micah is a trained jazz pianist and Eli grew up playing in pop-punk bands. Little did they know, the collision of their worlds would create something totally new to both of them. Micah grew up on Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Miles Davis while Eli grew up jamming Blink-182, Passion Pit and Weezer. The next surprise came August 2016 when ‘Stop For Nothing’ came out to massive critical acclaim. Suddenly out of nowhere, NME was saying courtship. Had “a decent shot.” at “becoming indie-pop’s next big thing.” and Zane Lowe live on Beats 1 was shouting on-air “the entire industry is freaking out, freaking out about this band!” The boys spent the rest of 2016 and beginning of 2017 releasing more music to critical acclaim, hitting the top of Hype Machine, and garnering millions of plays on Spotify. The courtship. live show came together with a debut performance at Neon Gold Record’s Pop Shop in NYC, and Aaron Axelson’s Pop Scene in San Francisco. More big news came when Snapchat reached out asking to use courtship.’s song ‘Sunroof’ in their new product launch video - reaching all 180 million users. This summer, Micah and Eli released their newest song, ‘Perfect People’ and it immediately blew up online, hit over 200K streams on Spotify in its first week. and was featured in Snapchat’s 4th of July update. Premiering on Billboard, - it was the second most blogged about song on the internet under Wu-Tang Clan. Hillydilly calls it “The biggest alternative smash of 2017...a career-defining song.” Indie Shuffle calls the song a “perfect track.”