Grant Averill

Grant Averill is a songwriter and producer originally from Portland, Oregon. He's a strong lyricist - great with concepts, melody, and production. Recent releases include gnash’s singles “fear” and “hungover & i miss u,” Nate Traveller's single "Blossom (feat. AKTHESAVIOR)," Nonsens & Sweater Beat’s single “Trouble,” Gunnar Gehl’s “Nobody Knows” and “Lose Myself,” Colton Dixon’s #1 Song “Devil Is A Liar,” Jon Bryant’s single “Bad Happens” and Kwesi's single "Neck Tattoo." Recent collaborators include Joe London, Gwen Stefani, gnash, salem ilese, Tia Scola, Danny Parker, Sweater Beats, Jesse Thomas, Jonny Price, Colton Dixon, Jake Torrey, Gunnar Gehl, Role Model, Ceci Gomez, German, and Morat. Grant is based in Los Angeles.