Jason White

In 2000, Jason White released his seminal album, Shades of Gray, which earned him both critical acclaim and commercial success, and went on to influence a generation of Nashville songwriters. Fifteen years and three genre-defying albums later, White is poised to release his newest work, a double-LP set entitled Sundown on Sweeney Bluff. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, by a small-town Yankee father and a Louisiana-bred Southern belle mother, White is a man who defies typecasting, a restless artistic spirit who refuses to be pigeonholed. If pressed to describe his music, he calls it “American Hash,” a hodgepodge of the styles spawned in the U.S. that forever changed the world’s listening habits: the blues, country, jazz, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll. The songs that make up White’s American Hash have been recorded by a fittingly eclectic group of artists: country legends Tim McGraw and Diamond Rio; alternative stylists Swan Dive and Liam Titcomb; soft-rock crooner Russell Hitchcock; string-band icons Old Crow Medicine Show; and pop/rock divas the Muddy Magnolias, to name a few. As guitarist and lead singer for the Ohio-based band the Janglers, White toured relentlessly through his 20s, learning the joys and heartaches of the road. Inking a deal with Universal Records in 1996, White moved to Nashville to launch his solo career. Since then there have been many deals: with record labels, music publishers, managers, booking agents, publicists, et al. There have been successes and letdowns. But through it all, he has been driven by a love of melody and harmony, joy in the turn of a lyrical phrase, savoring the complexity behind a simple song arrangement, and harboring an unquenchable need for self-expression.