Moon Honey

It wouldn’t be surprising to find Moon Honey’s Jess Joy [vocals] and Andrew Martin [guitar] adorning the cards of a Tarot Deck. A wild red-headed musical enchantress and multi-faceted artist from the bayou of Baton Rouge, Jess’ je ne sais quoi extends beyond her primal vocal conjurings to handmade mysticism—from personally directing D.I.Y. stop-motion music videos and assembling surreal collages to building paper mache stage production and sewing period-correct costume pieces. Born in the Big Easy and raised on the Cayman Islands as an anachronistic disciple of Jimi Hendrix and Mark Bolan, Andrew speaks through six-strings often while decked out in mod velvet threads. The union of these two dissonantly kindred spirits yields a totemic pastiche of psychedelia, rock, soul, performance art and good old-fashioned voodoo. While on tour in 2013 (a month after becoming Moon Honey), the duo released their independent debut Hand-Painted Dream Photographs. It quietly sent shockwaves throughout the underground, bubbling up with praise courtesy of The New York Times, Noisey, NPR and more. Logging countless gigs including a fiery SXSW showcase, the West Coast called to Jess and Andrew. They settled in an Echo Park treehouse before finding a haunt nestled in the Silverlake hills. Immersed in the city’s arts scene, this aural universe unfolds further by their singular touch. Moon Honey will be releasing their second full-length album, Mixed Media On Woman in 2018.