In the swelteringly hot summer of 2017, David Dennis and Tony Aguiar locked themselves in a room in Van Nuys, California at the famed Sound City Studios. They had taken a few years off from music following the break up of LA’s beloved band Voxhaul Broadcast. They had toured extensively for years, and like any band they found both success and failure. Afterwards, they took time to reflect and understand what meant the most to them. A random connection via their former manager Steven Melrose found them with an opportunity to work out of the same studio that fostered hits by Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Nirvana, and countless others. By the end of the summer, they left Sound City with around 25 tracks and a completely new sound from everything they had done previously. It is music that comprises elements of soul, vintage R&B, gospel, and rock with a positive and independent spirit. They are called OcnSide, and reside in Highland Park, California. Their debut single “Taking Me Over” (Released August 10th, 2018) received resounding support from Apple Music, Spotify, and Shazam with over 100,000 total streams. It also received radio support from respected Los Angeles stations KROQ, KCRW, and KCSN. Their second single “Bless Your Soul” will be released October 19th.